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Sarah Vezza | Josetta Saffirio


    Love and devotion to nature

    In the small town of Castelletto, a sub-area of ​​Monforte d'Alba, nestled amidst these vineyard-covered hills, is the home of the Sara Vezza winery. The winery is perfectly integrated into the landscape; it is insulated with natural cork and has been certified organic since 2017. Sara and her team have been working in a sustainable way for over ten years, with great care and love for the environment throughout the production process.

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    The winery run by women that focuses on sustainability and quality

    The gnome, the emblem of the winery since the times of Ernesto, Josetta's father and grandfather of Josetta's daughter Sara, the last representative of the Saffirio family, appears on the labels of the winery's production and fascinates even the younger generations.

    Sara now represents the fifth generation of farmers in Castelletto and the torch continues through the female line of the family. An important heritage with great responsibility towards the past and future generations of this winemaking family. After Sara took over the winery from her mother Josetta in 1999, she immediately started to convert the winery to sustainability with great vision and tireless energy.

    About ten years ago, Sara decided to switch to organic farming: "I couldn't go to the vineyard when they were doing the treatments," she explains, "so I decided to stop and on to switch to the organic method, where only products against fungal diseases affecting the vine, such as copper and sulfur, are used in the vineyard in the vineyard.Pesticides, chemical insecticides and herbicides are not allowed.In 2017 we finally obtained the certification as a sustainable organic farm and as of received the CCPB certified organic farm."

    The philosophy of Sara and the Josetta Saffirio winery is to produce high quality wines while respecting customers and the environment: "Being a farmer", she says, "means being the big one responsibility for the land that we have inherited and that we will leave to our children". And no one can say that better than an entrepreneur who is a mother of four.

    Today, Sara produces four high-quality Barolo single-vineyard wines, including the Ravera and Persiera crus, which are highly acclaimed by wine critics and wine lovers alike.