Piemont Wein Pakete

Piedmont Wine Packages


    the best gift for the wine lover

    The Babarolo wine packages are composed of carefully selected red wines from the most important wine-growing regions of Piedmont. The red wines come from small family winegrowers who produce artisanal and sustainable wines. With these wine packages you will get to know Piedmont from its best side.
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    Wine happiness in multiple versions

    The number of bottles per package varies depending on the grape variety, winemaker, theme or even the season. Most packages consist of six bottles, but also three, four, nine or twelve bottles each package are not uncommon. As far as the composition of the bottles is concerned, there is always a theme to which the appropriate bottles are then selected.
    For example, six bottles of wine from six different wineries can be filled with vintage wines on the subject of new vintages from Piedmont. This then gives our customers the opportunity to easily add a new vintage taste. In addition, many packages are offered at a special price and often free of charge, which is another advantage for our customers.
    Other interesting topics for wine packages are, for example, the introduction of a new winemaker. In this case, we can create packs of different bottle counts to showcase the new wines to our customers. Then, if they like a particular wine from this new winemaker, they can order more. In summary, wine packages are a great way to get to know wines easily and often save money at the same time.