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Nebbiolo Red Wines


    Balance, elegance, complexity

    The Nebbiolo red wine is made from the grapes of the vine of the same name. This indigenous grape variety comes from northern Piedmont and has been cultivated since the 13th century.
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    Nebbiolo wines from Piedmont

    The famous Barolo and Barbaresco wines are made from the berries of this grape variety and are among the best red wines in the world. Above all, they impress with their balance, elegance, complexity and longevity.
    There are various theories as to the origin of the name Nebbiolo. Many experts believe that the name was derived from Nebbia (fog). Because when the grapes are harvested in October, there is often fog in Piedmont. Another version of how the name Nebbia could have come about is that the Nebbiolo berries on the vine are covered with an almost transparent, white layer when they are fully ripe. This then has the impression that the berries are covered with hoarfrost.
    The Nebbiolo grape variety is also cultivated in other countries such as Argentina, USA and Spain, but cannot express its great potential in these areas. Nebbiolo can only ripen in Piedmont and especially in the Langhe berries expressive, complex and elegant wines with great aging potential are pressed. It has turned out that the cultivation conditions for high-quality Nebbiolo wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco in the Langhe are absolutely ideal due to the soil conditions and the climate.