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Last Bottles


    There are many reasons for this. Sometimes a vintage is sold out, but we still have a few bottles left. We often offer these to you at special prices. Because we need to make room for the new vintages, so you can pick up these popular and amazing bottles of wine at a discount here! This situation usually arises several times a year so that you, as a consumer, can benefit from the change of vintage of the wines.

    In the past, most winegrowers in Piedmont launched the new wines and vintages in late summer. So just before the harvest, in order to have enough space in their wine cellar for the production of the new wines to have. But this rhythm has totally changed in the last decade because the demand for Piedmontese wines has increased significantly. The winegrowers react to this by bringing the new vintages onto the market earlier and as needed. But of course this can only happen within the timeframes prescribed by the consortium.

    For Barbaresco wines, this means that they can only come onto the market two full years after the harvest. This means that the 2019 vintage can be offered this year. As for the Barolo wines, it took three whole years before the wines could be sold on the market. This means that in 2022 the Barolo vintage 2018 may be offered.