Roero Rotweine

Roero red wines


    aroma, fruit and spice

    Roero red wines are made from Nebbiolo grapes when grown in the Roero area of ​​Piedmont. Roero is a hilly area bordering on the Barolo and Barbaresco production areas, and its enchanting landscape is very impressive, with the main town Canale.
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    Roero red wines from Piedmont

    For a long time, the Roero wine-growing region lay dormant and in the shadow of the neighboring Barolo and Barbaresco regions. But this has totally changed in the last few decades, and Roero is now home to two great DOCG wines. The red Roero DOCG, like Barolo and Barbaresco, is made from the Nebbiolo grape and of course also has some characteristics of its famous neighbors.
    Roero wines can have the structure of a Barolo and the smooth elegance of a Barbaresco, but lack the same power, complexity and balance. However, they impress with a lot of fruit and spice and usually reach their peak after just a few years of bottling.
    Surprisingly, they are also long-lived, which more and more winemakers are proving with their Riservas. For Nebbiolo fans, this wine is definitely a possible alternative to Barolo and Barbaresco and worth discovering. In 2014, Roero was included in the list of Unesco Cultural Landscapes, along with Langhe and Monferrato.