Fratelli Sergio & Battista Borgogno Weine bei Babarolo kaufen

Fratelli Sergio & Battista Borgogno


    Fratelli Borgogno-The winery shaped by women in the heart of the Cannubi vineyard

    The winery is beautifully situated on the main road, just outside the municipality of Barolo, on a hill on the Cannubi cru. Fratelli Borgogno makes different wines - Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto, Gavi to name a few. Of course there is also a classic Barolo, whose grapes come from different plots, as well as the Cannubi Barolo.
    In 2022, a Barolo from the Albarella vineyard in La Morra will be launched, giving the winery a fantastic range of artisanal Barolo vineyard wines.
    The memory of Serio and Battista Borgogno lives on in their vineyards and in the passion they passed on to their family.
    The winery is now run by daughters Anna and Paola Borgogno, Federica Boffa and Emanuela Bolla, of the fifth generation of the family, and Marco Bolla.
    Marco and Emanuela Bolla personally look after the vineyards and the wine cellar and guide every step from pruning to harvest, from pressing to bottling.
    We have known and loved the Borgogno family for years and we always come back to their distinctive wines. These wines represent the traditional culture of the region and their own family heritage.