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Flavio Saglietti


    top vineyard wines from La Morra

    The Flavio Saglietti winery is located on a beautiful ridge road that connects the La Morra wine-growing region with Barolo and Novello. The winery faces south towards the Alps and offers visitors an unforgettable view of the Alpine panorama in good weather .
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    Flavio Saglietti and his family run this idyllic winery

    He owns plots in two exceptional Barolo locations, Brunate and Cerequio, which are among the best crus in the entire wine-growing area of ​​the municipality of La Morra. He took over the plots from his father with Nebbiolo vines that have an average age of 50 -Own 60 years and produce grapes of the highest quality.
    Flavio practices integrated viticulture and the protection of the environment is his highest goal in the exercise of his work. The work in the vineyard, carried out by Flavio and his family, is strictly manual. Pruning, thinning and harvesting are all done by hand.
    The use of non-invasive methods to combat parasites, the drastic reduction in the number of passes through the vineyard with agricultural vehicles and the reduction in the use of plant protection products are aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment. The grapes for his wines come exclusively from the company's own vineyards.