Cecilia Monte

Cecilia Monte


    The Cecilia Monte winery

    The winery is located on the northern border of the Barbaresco wine-growing region and is just outside the municipality of Neive at around 300 meters above sea level. This idyllic location spoils the visitor with a fascinating view of the Alpine panorama, the Langhe and the adjacent Monferrato cultivation area. The family winery is embedded in vineyards, but the surrounding landscape still seems to be rich in natural biodiversity.

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    Cecilia Monte -a feminine story

    In the Langa wine region, usually characterized by male stories, Neive winemaker Cecilia Monte is one of the few exceptions standing in the firmament of Piedmont's oenological excellence.

    In 2000, after Cecilia finished her studies, she took over the family estate, which is situated in a beautiful but little-known corner of the prestigious Neive municipality. She immediately began taking back the plots that had been rented out up until then and using the top-class terroir to vinify her own grapes and press her own wine. Her father Paolo, who is still actively involved in the company today and to whom a Barbaresco was dedicated, always supported his daughter on the path that was as fascinating as it was difficult.

    The Barbaresco Cru Serracapelli 

    Located on the northern edge of the Barbaresco appellation and rich in natural biodiversity, the Barbaresco Cru Serracapelli represents the landscape and viticultural heritage where the meticulous work of Cecilia Monte in the vineyard can bear fruit.

    The wines made from the berries of this land are characterized by a number of characteristics, including a refreshing balsamic note that characterizes the depth of flavor and a structure that is never overpowering; sometimes a bit introverted when young, the Barbaresco wines have an unusually great harmony and a high aging potential.

    What makes Cecilia Monte's wines so unique? 

    It is not only the fact that Cecilia is one of the few female producers in this area, but also that the Cru Serracapelli, with its soil and biodiversity, offers the best conditions to produce top-class and authentic Barbaresco, which are among the best representatives of this magical corner of the earth.

    The wines made from the berries of these vines are characterized by a number of distinctive features, including a refreshing balsamic quality that marks sensory depth, as well as an ever-present structure; the latter is the reason why the Barbaresco has an unusual aging potential. In fact, Cecilia Monte's Barbaresco is launched two years later than usual. The result is an elegant, complex and harmonious wine with great aging potential.