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Roberto Ferraris - The Barbera producer from Agliano Terme

The Roberto Ferraris winery was founded in 1923 by Stefano Ferraris and is located in Agliano Terme, in the heart of the historic Barbera d'Asti area. Due to the nature of the soil and the microclimate, there are excellent conditions for the Barbera vine.

For this reason, Roberto Ferrari's father planted his 10 hectares of vineyards with Barbera vines, some of which have now reached an average age of 70 years. One can rightly call Roberto a first-class Barbera expert and specialist. He runs the winery in the same tradition as his ancestors did. With his Barbera wines, he has gained an international reputation for their consistently high quality.

Today, the winery produces around 60,000 bottles of wine a year. Roberto presses 4 different Barbera wines from the Barbera grapes. The historic wine cellar of the winery, which dates back to the early 19th century, is also worth mentioning. It now serves as a museum, and features a collection of natural sculptures made from old vines by Roberto's brother.

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