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Winery Livia Fontana - The Barolo winemaking family from Castiglione Falletto

The winery was founded in 1820 by Ettore Fontana and is now managed in the eighth generation by Livia Fontana, together with her sons Michele and Lorenzo. They still follow the same philosophy, the origins of which were laid by the forefathers: diligence, hard work combined with a lot of commitment and love for their own soil and nature are the basis for these excellent wines.

 The winery is beautifully situated among the vineyards and belongs to the municipality of Castiglione Falletto, one of the eleven municipalities that have the right and privilege to produce Barolo wines. The area covers around nine hectares of vineyards, which are planted directly around the winery. Among them are two excellent locations, called Cru`s - Villero and Bussia. The vines have an average age of about 40 years, with the oldest being planted in 1938.