Josetta Saffirio / Sara Vezza Weine bei Babarolo kaufen

Josetta Saffirio / Sara Vezza - Strong women, great Piedmont wines

The journey to the Josette Saffirio / Sara Vezza winery from Monforte takes you along a serpentine path that makes you wonder if you're even on the right road. But when you arrive, you see that the winery is located in one of the most precious places of the Barolo wine region. The winery is located to the east across from Serralunga d'Alba, known for its clayey soils that produce deep, austere Baroli with incredible longevity. To the west is Castiglione Falletto, with its calcareous, sandy soil and its elegant Baroli. The winery itself is located on the edge of the Monforte d'Alba wine-growing region.

The winery founded by Josetta Saffirio is managed by Josetta's daughter Sara Vezza, who oversees the production of both Josetta Saffirio's wines and that of her own Sara Vezza brand.

Sara, endowed with a lion heart and a deep understanding of the area she grew up in, is totally devoted to two things: her family (she is a mother of four) and the production of sustainable, terroir-true wines. She is the fifth generation of a farming family from this region and has an unbreakable connection to the earth.

The winery practices organic viticulture.

Sara's philosophy:

"We are part of a mosaic. We are not the authors of the wine, but actors in nature: We help the plants growing, like children, and we are in touch with the vitality of the earth, the soil, the vine and everything that surrounds us. Wine is a vital force, rich in microorganisms that allow it to develop."