Probieren Sie die Weine von Fabio Oberto noch heute bei Babarolo.

Fabio Oberto - the young, talented Barolo winemaker from La Morra

Fabio Oberto worked in his father Andrea's winery from an early age and learned from him along the way that in addition to the technical skills to practice the profession of winemaker, the love and passion for nature and to live in harmony with it and working is essential to produce sustainable and quality wine.

A few years ago, Fabio got on his own two feet and founded the La Collina di Dioniso winery. The winery is also like that of his father in the Barolo municipality of La Morra and Fabio has taken over the family's vineyards there, which are mainly planted with middle-aged Nebbiolo vines.

Although Fabio has only been an independent winemaker for a few years, he has already attracted attention with his authentic wines. He is guided by his passion for local wine culture and tradition to produce wines that are sustainable but will also represent the future of Piedmont's wine landscape. Fabio is one of the guard of the so-called young winegrowers who will decisively influence the wine scene in Piedmont.

Try Fabio Oberto's wines at Babarolo today.