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Piedmont Wine Harvest 2015

In January 2015, winter was in full grip of the Piedmontese hills and the abundant snowfalls brought very good water reserves to the soils. These abundant snowfalls together with very mild spring temperatures caused the vegetation cycle to start earlier, with this lead could be maintained over the course of the year. Budding and flowering were regular, but premature compared to the previous year. The rest of the spring was then characterized by a series of precipitation and cooler temperatures that lasted until the beginning of June. From the middle of June, the summer then showed itself from its best side with consistently hot temperatures. In July these values ​​reached around 40° Celsius and with an average well over 30° Celsius. Due to the accumulated water reserves in spring, the vines were able to survive this extreme situation without much stress. Thanks to this weather situation, the basis for the premature ripening of the grapes was created. In terms of the health of the grapes, 2015 can be classified as one of the best in recent years.

The harvest then took place earlier than the average of previous years and, as always, began with the white grape varieties. The grapes presented themselves in excellent and ripe condition with very positive data , both in terms of sugar content and acidity. This means that very well structured wines with well-balanced acidity can be expected. The red grape varieties also benefited greatly from the unusual climate for Piedmont. As for the Dolcetto, one expects very smooth and colorful wines, and the Barbera will also be one of the best vintages of this decade. The Nebbiolo reached perfect maturity with absolutely ideal acidity and excellent tannin quality. This promises wines with great elegance, structure and a high aging potential.

If we want to sum up the 2015 wine year, we can say that given the great balance that emerges from the analytical values ​​of the grapes, all the prerequisites for a great and memorable vintage have been created.