Das historische Barbaresco Asili Cru

The historic Barbaresco Asili Cru

The name Asili comes from Roman times and is derived from the word asylum. Asylum because the local tribes, fleeing from the Romans, had taken refuge on Asili Hill. At that time the hill was not used for wine growing and consisted only of mixed forest and dense scrub.

Of course, the landscape has changed completely over time and today Asili is one of the most renowned vineyards in the entire Barbaresco area. This reputation comes about because the wines of this cru are characterized by their extraordinary elegance, harmony and minerality. The orientation of the vineyard, the soil conditions and the microclimate create the best conditions for the winegrowers to produce a top-class Barbaresco wine. The soil on this vineyard with varying layers of clay, calcareous, bluish marl and tuff and with a high percentage of copper and zinc is particularly suitable for the cultivation of the Nebbiolo grape variety.

The Cru Asili covers a total of 14 hectares of vineyards and is located at 200-290m above sea level in the center of the growing area of ​​the municipality of Barbaresco. The Asili vineyard has different orientations, the south/south-west ones being used only for the cultivation of the Nebbiolo grape variety. Ten wineries now own plots of vineyards of varying size and distribution on this historic vineyard.

The winery Ca' del Baio, represented by Babarolo has four different plots with a total area of ​​2.5hectares in an exposed south/southwest location. Since the 1970s the family has provided an excellent Asili single-vineyard wine and since 2011 with particularly good vintages also a Asili Riserva Barbaresco, her.