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Barolo vintage 2013

Barolo 2013

The 2013 wine year in the Langhe, as almost everywhere in Piedmont, was characterized by an unusually high volume of precipitation in spring, which forced the winegrowers to take a lot of action. Luckily, the summer that followed was quite dry with moderate temperatures, which were very beneficial for the ripening process of the berries. However, the difference between day and night temperatures, which are so important for the Nebbiolo and which make a late harvest possible for the winegrowers, was decisive for optimal conditions in the last phase. This temperature difference is an important factor in the development of aromas and color and the late harvest favors the maturation of the tannins.

The Barolo 2013 is generally characterized by its marked structure and elegance and its delicate and fine tannins. Worth mentioning are the beautiful and rich fruit aromas on the nose and on the palate. The wines can be drunk immediately and impress with their longevity.