Massolino 2022 Dolcetto D'Alba DOC

Serralunga D'Alba
red wine
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  • Alkoholgehalt: 14% vol
  • Allergene hinweis: contains sulphites
  • Alterungspotenzial: 5 years
  • Ausbau: stainless steel tank
  • Flasche: 750ml
  • Geschmack: dry
  • Nase: fruity notes
  • Rebsorte: Dolceto
  • Trinktemperatur: 16-17°C
  • Weinbau: Close to nature
  • This Dolcetto d'Alba is a red wine that literally tastes like tradition, as the Massolino family has been producing it since 1896 . Only the best Dolcetto grapes are hand-picked for winemaking. Fermentation then takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks as well as in cement tanks. The subsequent aging also takes place in cement tanks and after a short bottle storage the Dolcetto d'Alba is released for sale. The result is a wonderfully soft and round wine that embodies that certain Piedmontese DNA.

    Fresh, fruity, sweet and elegant aromas dominate the nose. On the palate you can feel freshness and a pleasant warmth, which then opens up to a variety of aromas that suggest a dense and concentrated wine. The fruitiness and the wineiness naturally predominate and leave a long and pleasant aftertaste. This classic Dolcetto is much more than just an everyday wine. Drinking window: 2023-2027

    The Massolino Vigna Rionda winery is without doubt one of the ten best in the entire Langhe region. The Massolino siblings are showered with praise by wine critics and the international press alike for their world-class wines, from the classic Dolcetto to the high-quality Barolo single-vineyard wine. Founded more than 100 years ago in Serralunga D'Alba, Massolino Vigna Rionda has remained a family business to this day and is run by the fourth Massolino generation, Franco, Paola and Roberto. The guiding principle for all Massolino wines is reflected in a very clearly defined production philosophy: a precise product that fully reflects the characteristics of the fruit and the terroir. The Massolino Barolo and Barbaresco wines embody the best that this grape variety has to offer: long-lasting wines with great fruit density, complexity and power. All of this perfectly combined with incredible finesse and elegance.

    This Dolcetto is also very suitable for cold cuts and cheese dishes or for pasta, risotto and red meat, especially grilled meat, which goes well with its structure and increases its drinkability.

    Das sagen die Weinexperten des Landes

    Jancis Robinson, Master of Wine:

    The variety ripens earlier than Nebbiolo, but is very sensitive to the weather. Cold nights can ruin the stems and affect ripening. Franco's grandfather always drank a glass of Dolcetto with meals. Older people remember Dolcetto as the wine of the Langhe. Massolino used to make more Dolcetto than Nebbiolo. This Dolcetto
    has very bright, pure fruit. Intense red currant. Contains tannins.

    Rating: 16.5/20

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