Albino Rocca Barbera D'Alba Superiore Gepin 2020 DOC

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  • Alkoholgehalt: 14.5% vol
  • Allergene hinweis: contains sulphites
  • Alterungspotenzial: ten years
  • Ausbau: Large oak barrel
  • Flasche: 750ml
  • Gaumen: full-bodied
  • Geschmack: dry
  • Nase: sustained notes
  • Passt zu: roast meat
  • Rebsorte: Barbara
  • Trinktemperatur: 16-17 degrees
  • Weinbau: The Green Experience
  • This high-quality Barbbera D'Alba Superiore Gepin 2020 was named after the previous owner of the winery from whom the Rocca family took over the Barbaresco plots of the Ronchi and Cotta sites at the time. The grapes for this wine come from the oldest vines owned by the family and promise wines with a high level of complexity and aging potential.

    The berries for this wine are harvested by hand in October and carefully selected for further processing. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and then the Barbera matures in large oak barrels from Austria. This process takes at least twelve months and then the wine is stored in the bottle for another six months before it is sold.

    On the nose, the Barbera impresses with intensive fruity, berry and balsamic notes, on the palate it shows its fullness, strength, but also a lot of elegance and velvety. The tannins are present, the acidity is very well balanced and brings freshness. The finale is persistent. A very successful Barbera Superiore!

    You can enjoy this Barbera now or for the next ten years. It is very suitable as a partner to risotto, roasts, pasta with sausages and game.

    Die kleine Weinkellerei, die wunderschön im Herzen des Barbaresco Anbaugebiets gelegen ist, hat unter der Leitung der der Geschwister Daniela, Monica und Paola internationalen Status erreicht. Wenn man große Barbaresco Weine sucht, führt heutzutage kein Weg mehr an dem ikonischen Weingut vorbei. Die Weiterentwicklung der Qualität ihrer Weine steht im Mittelpunkt der Arbeit der Geschwister mit dem Ziel, dass in jeder Flasche Wein das Barbaresco Terroir immer erkennbar sein muss. 

    Gepin eignet sich sehr gut als Partner zu Risotto, Braten, Pasta al Ragù und Wild.

    Das sagen die Weinexperten des Landes

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    Rebsorte Passt zu Ausbau Alterungspotential
    Albino Rocca 2020 Barbaresco Cottà DOCG Nebbiolo

    Der Barbaresco Cottà ist ein guter Begleiter zu Lamm, Kalbfleisch, Wild und gereiftem Käse

    Large oak barrel 10+ years
    Albino Rocca 2020 Barbaresco DOCG Nebbiolo

    Barbaresco goes very well with risotto, poultry and pasta with meat sauces.

    Large oak barrel 8 years
    Albino Rocca 2020 Barbaresco Montersino DOCG Nebbiolo

    This Barbaresco goes well with lamb, veal, poultry and mature cheeses.

    Large oak barrel 10+ years
    Albino Rocca 2020 Barbaresco Ovello Vigna Loreto DOCG Nebbiolo

    Dieser Barbaresco passt sehr gut zu geschmortem Fleisch, Lamm, Kalbfleisch, Risotto und reifem Käse

    Large oak barrel 10+ years
    Albino Rocca 2020 Barbaresco Ronchi DOCG Nebbiolo

    Dieser Barbaresco passt gut zu gegrilltem Rindfleisch, Lamm oder Wild. Pasta mit kräftiger Fleischsauce. Gereiftem Hartkäse.

    Large oak barrel 10+ years
    Albino Rocca 2021 Nebbiolo D'Alba DOC Nebbiolo

    Food recommendation: braised meat such as roast beef, mushroom risotto, fried chicken or duck breast.

    Large oak barrel 8 years
    Albino Rocca 2022 Barbera D'Alba DOC Barbara

    Food recommendation: Starters with meat, salami, pasta Bolognese and pizza.

    stainless steel tank 8 years
    Albino Rocca 2022 Langhe Chardonnay white wine DOC Chardonnay

    This Chardonnay goes very well with river fish such as trout, as well as with white meat, fish starters and fresh ricotta cheese.

    stainless steel tank 5 years
    Albino Rocca Barbaresco Angelo 2017 DOCG Nebbiolo

    A very good accompaniment to roasts, game, pasta with truffles and mature cheese.

    Large oak barrel 15 years
    Albino Rocca Barbaresco Ronchi 2019 DOCG Nebbiolo

    The Barbaresco is a good accompaniment to roasts, lamb, game and mature cheese.

    Large oak barrel 14 years